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How To Write SOP?

To begin with, the statement of purpose is also called a application essay, personal statement, objectives to graduate study, whatever it is called, the meaning remains the same, writing about yourself to impress the graduate admission committee. How best to impress someone with just a one page document ?, could be a difficult task …. Not so, when we follow some rules
Let us assume, the sop has to be maximum 1 page A4 sheet, the main task in hand is that , you need to hook the person who is reading your sop form among hundreds of sop he will be reading.
Starting an essay with just “ I am honored to apply to the masters in CS in the university of ———, since from my childhood I wanted to learn about computers “ , do you think the admission committee will remember the above four lines you have written and be impressed ?, I doubt it, probably he will be reading almost 60% of the essay on the same lines. What about writing something like this…..
Computer science teaches you how to use computers to make the world work as it does. Try imagining a world without computers, there would be no phones or PC’s, no online shopping , or photo enhancement, there would be no modern cars, trains or aircraft, there will be no safety on airs or rails….this is one of the reason why I want to know more about this amazing tool, so a masters in CS is the next best option in my life.

It is basically answering a few questions to yourself, a self introspection, don’t settle for “ I love this field, so I want to do masters in that field, instead, try answering, “ why do you love this field ? , Why do you want to be in this field? “, your SOP is the only chance to help them know you as a person, its not just an application among hundreds of students.
The sop has to have a few mandatory informations , as in, start with why you want to take up the subject. The entire sop should be handled with intelligence, this can be identified by the describing the specific course work in your subject which has impressed you, and, the extracurricular accomplishments in the specific field. You can talk about your “abilities” , by mentioning the challenges which you have gone through in the work you have done. Apart from all this, showcasing yourself as a nice and cooperative person will also enhance the profile , the ability to complete the graduate program in time , can be mentioned by writing a few lines on your success so far, last , but not the least, never bad mouth your college or faculty in the SOP.

If you have a problematic academic background, its best not to draw to much attention to it, you can simply say that you had a few emotional set backs during the particular semester and you have improved the grades in the other semesters.
To summaries the topics in the sop
Start with a unique introduction
Talk about your back ground in the field, if its biology, mention the areas of study you were interested in form school.
If possible mention a particular professor or book , if well known.
Related extracurricular activities in the field.
Any publications or presentations in the filed
Mention a few lines on why have you chosen this grad school, something about the curriculum which has impressed you, or a particular professor whose work you were impressed with. This will make a lot of difference to the sop. If you are applying to more than one school, this para must be customized according to the university you are applying to. Be honest when you are choosing a particular professor from the university, unless you are genuinely interested in what that person has done, do not mention that name. It will always be nice to add that line that “ you are looking forward to working with Mr……”
Ensure that you show your sop to your professors , to get a feedback from them. Who knows, one of them might know a professor or a faculty member in the university you are applying to.
Proof read your sop , again and again, be very specific, don’t beat around the bush with statement, don’t be repetitive, be yourself , true and honest. An sop with typo errors, grammatical error, missing out on commas or question marks will show you as an in competent careless person.
For the conclusion, you just need to sum up the main points and also mention what you can contribute toward the program

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