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Why is Letter of recommendation important

Why is Letter of recommendation important?


Though grades, test scores and statement of purpose are important parts in determining the quality of a graduate’s student academic performance, the letter of recommendation is one which speaks about a student from the personality point of view. This is what gives the graduate admission committee an aide about the student’s work ethics and attitude.

A graduate degree from a top notch university not only strengthens your education, it also gives you an edge over the others in the job market. However, it is not an easy task to get an admit form a top ranking graduate school of the United states. The letter of recommendation plays an important role in determining whether the candidate is the right choice or not. The grades and the test scores speaks for itself , the statement of purpose determines your academic achievements , whereas, the letter of recommendation shows you as a individual.

The letter of recommendation is one of the materials required for the application process. Generally, the universities in the USA require 3 LOR’s per university form individuals. If the student is a fresher, without any work experience, all LOR’s are got form the academicians of the college. The universities also welcome LOR’s form the project heads or internship supervisors. A student with work ex must get a LOR form the employers, since; this is the only tool where the faculties and the employers speak about your attitudes and your abilities.

Generally, most of the universities have a LOR template, which is used by the recommender to answer a  few objective type questions about the student and is sent as  a hard copy to the university in sealed and attested covers. This is sometimes accompanied by a letter form the recommender on the letter head of the university .The universities generally prefer the online version of the LOR , where, once the online application is submitted, the universities request the recommenders to submit the LOR online.

There are chances that a graduate admission committee will like your LOR if it is written by an individual who has a stand in the society, has a reputation in his career, may be a civic leader or a politician, provided the concerned person knows you academically or professionally.

Apart from this it is important for your recommender to also know your intentions regarding your future plans or your academic preferences, to check if you are really suitable for the same, which would help him write the best LOR possible.

It is , but, mandatory to send the LOR along with your application , even if the university concerned has not mentioned it. Since it is the only tool which will speak volumes about you and your potential

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