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Public universities in Singapore

Singapore has 6 public universities, NUS, national University of Singapore, NTU, Nanyang technological university, SMU, Singapore management university, Singapore university of technology and design , Singapore institute of technology and SIM university

The NUS and the NTU are world ranking universities, offering programs, both in undergraduate , masters and research level, almost 30,000 students study in these universities. The third best university being SMU  , which offers  undergraduate, master’s and doctorate programs in business management, accountancy, economics, , Information Systems Management, Law and the Social Sciences. The forth being SIM, currently admits only part-time students and offers part-time degree programmes to working adults. In 2012, the government granted UniSIM a national university status and plans are ongoing to expand the university with offering of new full-time degree programmes .  the Singapore university of technology and the Singapore institute of technology were established with the intention of providing more  educational opportunities for the students  in areas of technology , design and polytechnic courses

The NUS, national university of Singapore is one of the best university in Asia and also ranks among the top 50 schools of the world.  There are 16 departments in NUS , offering 3000 course modules, with departments like , arts and sociology department with programs in   Asian studies, humanities, social sciences and languages    , the school of design and environment with programs in Architecture, industrial design and real estate, school of law offering double degree programs in economics and law, business and law, law and public policy and law and life sciences, school of engineering with all core engineering programs, school of medicine and school of dentistry, faculty of sciences with programs in biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, pharmacy etc, to name a few. The highlight of the NUS university is the Duke NUS medicine program .

Apart from all this, NUS is partnered with 6 overseas colleges, with Beijing, shangai, Stockholm , silicon valley and New York, for a better exposure.

The admission process for the NUS is very competitive, with some schools asking for the GRE for certain programs, GMAT being a mandatory requirement for the MBA and entrance test conducted by NUS in certain programs. The expectations of the university are very high due to the innumerable number of applicants who apply for all over the world.

The NTU or the Nan yang technology is the 4th highest ranking university in Asia, the international collaboration signed between the NTU and overseas universities have made it a very prestigious university, since, students get an opportunity to attend classes in both the campuses and study under the faculty of 2 different universities. One such program is the Singapore university of Washington with the Carnegie melon university for Bio engineering and financial engineering program. The NTU has 15 schools, namely, school of mechanical and aerospace, school of electrical and electronics, school of chemical and biomedical engineering, etc. The NTU has 400 partnership universities world wide, including joint and dual Phd programs, with prestigious universities across the globe and also, research collaboration with industries as partneres


SMU,. The Singapore management university , which offers only management based program, is known fr its highly interactive , collaborative and project based approach to learning .SMU has around  8800 students in total, taking up , programs in 6 of their schools, namely, School of Accountancy, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of Economics, School of Information Systems, School of Law, and School of Social Sciences. SMU offers a wide range of bachelors’, masters’ and PhD degree programmes in the disciplinary areas associated with the six schools, as well as in interdisciplinary combinations of these areas.

The SIM, Singapore institute of management caters to the needs of students from 17 to 70 to various part time and full time programs, with the intention of providing quality educational and continuing learning. Their full time programs are mainly in the undergraduate level, concentrating mostly on account and finance, and most of their programs are part time, both at the graduate and the undergraduate level, since, they believe that the learning does not stop after you enter the work force or get busy with the life’s other responsibilities. SIM offeres altogether 70 full time and part time programs through more than 10 of their partnered universities. University of Warwick offers the  internal business and supply chain management masters degree in SIM, and also masters in international business from university of Birmingham   ,  UK,


The Singapore university of technology and design, is a interdisciplinary education with a good background in science , technology , arts , humanities and social sciences. The highlight of the SUTD is that they have a collaboration with MIT USA , where they have integrated a multi disciplinary curriculum and research in technology and design, the programs being masters of engineering in manufacturing, civil and environmental engineering .supply chain management program, where, the student spends a year in MIT USA.There are plenty of undergraduate degree in SUTD , with many programs in the management discipline offered with the collaboration with SMU


The SIT, Singapore institute of management was established to provide up grading opportunities for polytechnics , to obtain industrial focused degrees. The masters programs are done in any of the 5 polytech, being, the Nan yang polytechnic , Ngee Ann Polytechnic ,  Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and temasek polytechnic. These polytechnic schools offer both bachelors and masters degrees right from culinary skills to criminology .The basic requirements will be a diploma after the college or the 12th grade.

There are plenty of opportunities available in Singapore, choosing the right program is the most challenging part

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