Where to study automotive and auto-mobile engineering?

Before we start on researching where to study masters in automotive engineering or automobile engineering, we should know the difference between these two areas of study.,

Masters in automotive engineering is the study of motor vehicles, and can also be considered as a branch of the Mechanical engineering, where as the automobile engineering is the study of cars , dealing mainly with the designing of cars, operations in production of cars, designing of engines and fuel management. However, both the branches of study deal with the motor vehicles.

To bring more clarity to the above definition, both the engineering study are inter related , however, automotive engineering is a larger term that deals with all motor vehicles, mainly deals with the design and manufacture of vehicles, including the motorcycles, cars ,  buses, trucks, boats  etc , and the automobile is the same as automotive focusing mainly on cars, specifically dealing with designing of the cars.

Students with the mechanical engineering back ground can go for programs like automotive or automobile or specialize in areas of study like the  aviation , energy  and transport, green  engineering, transportation and design, masters in turbulence, vehicle engineering, transportation engineering, masters in communication navigation surveillance , robotics and transport ,space craft design , machinery and transport, masters in  electric vehicles, mechatronics , etc. ,  there are plenty of courses to choose from, but, since mechanical engineering is a very wide area of study, in order to specialize , we have to look into a few  extracurricular activities in the specific field of study to apply for a specific  program.

Which is the right place to study this?

The US and Canada , do not have many universities offering courses in automobile or automotive engineering, they are famous for master in mechanical engineering with specialization in automobile and future transportation, biomechanics and bio system engineering, controls, designs, dynamics and vibrations, energy , fluids, manufacturing, micro and Nano engineering, robotics, thermal sciences etc. if you are looking at doing a masters in a specific area of study, then these countries are not the right place for you. A few universities which offer masters in automotive in the US are Clemson University, university of Michigan, Michigan tech etc.

Uk and Ireland offers a lot of program in automotive engineering , its programs are more related  to basic engineering principles , to design and analyze any automobile , thus covering a wide range of disciplines under mechanical engineering . To name a few universities in UK, like Kingston, Leeds, Cranfield,  coventry, Bath etc.

Australia is also not the right country for masters in automotive engineering, since only RMIT offers the program, they all offer mechanical engineering  with specialization as in the US and Canada.

Concentrating on European countries, other than UK and Ireland, we are left with Germany, which has a good list of mechanical, automotive and energy related programs, and few other countries like Norway, Sweden, and Netherlands, Italy etc which can be looked into. But, the options are pretty low, since there are not that many universities, all together  , which offers automotive engineering in English. Taking Germany, there are altogether totally 7 universities offering direct automotive engineering, eg, Esslingen , Ostfalia , Dortmund , Aachen etc, offering programs like Automotive Vehicle Integration/Power and Chassis Engineering , with more emphasis on automobiles related to cars, Automotive Service Technology and Processes etc.  Programs like masters in combustion engine, masters in mechatronics, transport management  etc , can also be considered in  Germany.

Other than Germany , SPD college , Italy has the most specific course in automobile engineering , related to masters in transport car design, vehicle design , interior design , web design  etc, other than that they are have collaborative projects with Bentley for their masters in transport and car design program, with Ferrero for industrial design program, and similar collaborations with Audi, Alfa Romeo, Artemide etc.to name a few. If interested in applying for the program , contact For Ed overseas  for further details.

Other that Italy, the following interesting courses from  various other European countries which  are worth applying

Masters in Vehicle engineering  in KTH royal , Sweden

Masters in traffic , mobility and road safety engineering in IMF business school, spain

Masters in Interior design and luxury ride in Haute Future fashion academy in Italy

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