Do Masters in Power  engineering or power system engineering

Power  engineering or power system engineering , is a sub field of energy engineering where the main area of study will be about the generation of energy, transmission of energy , distributing the energy and utilizing the electric power and also the study of the devises that are connected to the systems , namely generators, motor and transformers

Energy engineering can also be the study of various kinds of energy like the light energy , heat energy , mechanical energy , gravitational energy , electrical energy , sound energy chemical energy , nuclear or atomic energy.

Apart from this , renewable energy , non renewable energy like the crude oil , natural gas etc, solar energy etc.

Study of power engineering is concerned with the study of power systems, specifically electric power generation, electric power transmission, and electric power distribution, and also about the electro mechanical devises, which is the most common area of study for the masters, Generally entry requirement for many university offering power engineering will be a under gradation degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering,

The most common area of study anywhere in the world is the masters in electric power engineering, Apart from that, masters in renewable energy  and masters in sustainable energy have also become an important area of study among the students.

The power engineering, which is commonly found in many universities across the globe  ,  deals mainly with power system planning, power system relaying, power market operations, Industrial Applications of Power Electronics and Motor Drives , Power Electronic Dynamics and Control etc to name a few.

In the USA, you will find more universities offering masters in electrical engineering with specialization in power and energy. There are not that many universities offering masters in power or masters in energy directly. For e.g., the masters in electric power engineering in NCSU, University of Houston, University of Wisconsin Platteville, IIT to name a few, and , Urbana champagne, Illinois,  has a MS in power and energy systems, Iowa state has a power system engineering,TAMU has a Electric Power & Power Electronics Program etc. otherwise  and , most of the universities have a specialization under the electrical and computer engineering department..

Germany also has a few programs in power and sustainable engineering like TU Cottbus offers master sin power engineering, TU Munich, Renewable energy in Hamburg,.Netherland seems to have good opportunities in the power engineering field, like the masters in environment and energy in Twente university, university of Groningen, etc.Norwegian universities are more famous for petroleum related programs, but one or two universities offering electric power and renewable energy. France has more programs in the management side than the core area, to summaries, Europe, could definitely be an option in case of power and energy related programs.

UK and Ireland has plenty of options both in the core energy field and also the energy management field, for e.g., UCC and UCD in Ireland has programs in sustainable and renewable energy . In UK , universities like Cranfield offering MSc in thermal power, electric power systems in Birmingham , Northumbria university, etc

The few countries have more specific programs under power and energy, like the masters in solar energy which is available in Borlange Sweden, Masters in oil and natural gas energy management in Cambridge , UK, and western Australia,  Masters in Nuclear energy in KTH, Sweden, masters in chemical engineering for energy in KTH , Masters in environmental energy in KTH, Masters in Petroleum energy in Curtin , Australia. These specific programs of study are not a common occurrence in the universities across the globe.

Applying to any of the programs will require an under graduation study in atomic/subatomic physics, mechanical engineering, applied physics, electrical/chemical engineering relevant to power generation/distribution, energy utilization, material science. Else , a few years of work experience in the relevant field without the necessary back ground can also be considered.

Having a degree in the power engineering , there are innumerable job options , as in design , construction and management of power generation , safety , maintenance of power  units, mining, transportation, automobile, manufacturing and power stations, power and energy management industries,  design of instruments used for navigation, medicine and measurements of various kinds., electronic component manufacturing units , environment and safety areas Robotics , etc.

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