Master’s in Petroleum Engineering Abroad or Geosystem Engineering

Masters in Petroleum engineering abroad is concerned with production of hydrocarbons, which can either be crud oil or natural gas. Their main job is exploration and production of oil and natural gas , where, the exploration is done by the scientists , and the petroleum engineers focus mainly on maximizing recovery of the hydrocarbons by understanding the physical behavior of the oil, water and gas within porus rock at high pressure.

It’s a combined effort of the geologists and the petroleum engineers, and its mandatory that petroleum engineers requires the knowledge of geophysics, petroleum geology, well logging, drilling, reservoir simulation, reservoir engineering, well engineering, artificial lift systems, oil and gas facilities  engineering.

The main work of the petroleum engineer is to evaluate potential oil and gas reservoirs, oversee drilling activities, select and implement recovery scheme, design surface collection and treatment facilities.

Mostly the petroleum engineering is studies at the masters level , having a basic knowledge of the science or any engineering degree, mainly mechanical, chemical , civil, materials,  etc. , the undergraduate curriculum should have emphasis on math , such as calculus, algebra and trigonometry ,  chemistry and physics, apart from this , a knowledge of  computer science , which is required for analyzing data collected during field work and automating oil field production. It is also necessary to have good communication skills, since petroleum engineers will be working as part of a team, writing reports, and drafting proposals.

Students with a bachelors in engineering looking for a masters in engineering program will need to have an sop written as to why you are looking for petroleum in the masters level, so, a few extracurricular activities or a few certificate courses in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, structural geology, as well as drilling and production engineering lab activities. A few courses done in energy, reservoir engineering, designing and integrated course like Economic Appraisal of Chemical and Petroleum Projects, basic science s programs like the introduction to geology, etc will help you in easing your way through the master’s degree.

USA has a wide range of universities offering programs in petroleum and oil and gas  and its also interesting to know that the  first Petroleum Engineering degree was conferred in 1915 by the University of Pittsburgh USA, The most difficult university to get in for master sin petroleum engineering in the USA is USC, Texas Austin,  Texas A4M, Colorado school of mines, Penn state, Stanford , University of Oklahoma, New Mexico institute of mining and technology etc,  In case of Canada, Dalhousie University has an interesting program in petroleum , but, Atlanta is Canada’s energy province, with diverse resources’  portfolio includes natural gas, conventional gas, coal materials, and the famous Alberta oil sands and so the school of mining and petroleum engineering in Alberta will definitely be a right choice.

A few other places in the world worth mentioning are , “ the petroleum institute “, which is famous worldwide is with the Abu Dhabi national oil company , and masters degree in engineering and science degree here will be an advantage form the job point of view. Apart form that , Malaysia, technical university of PETRONAS, , which is famous for petroleum engineering and students do not have a hard time in finding jobs after graduation since they can always opt to work with the PETRONAS , being Malaysia national oil company. University of Stavanger in Norway, is the home for international research institute for petroleum, and pays particular attention to drilling, natural gas, petroleum geosciences and reservoir engineering, thus , making Norway one of the bets countries for petroleum related programs

The Herriot Watt in UK, is also known for producing the best petroleum engineering in the world, and they also have their campus in Dubai

The Curtin university and the university of new south Wales are also known for the petroleum engineering degree, The school also offers advanced programs and is affiliated with major petroleum companies and institutions worldwide. Students are exposed to on-site training especially at the school’s oil hub.

The job opportunities are in plenty for a petroleum engineer, they can work in exploration, where they collaborate with geologists, finding new reserves for oil and gas, they make recommendations regarding the best location for drilling a well, collect data as the drilling progresses to determine if the well contains economically feasible amounts, and make decisions regarding appropriate well completion techniques. They can also work with other engineers to develop and construct equipment such as drilling platforms and wells.