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Study marine engineering in abroad

Study Marine Engineering in Abroad Many students have asked me the difference between maritime studies, marine engineering, ocean engineering and naval architecture; I have tried explaining this as easily as possible to give them an idea about all three courses. In general, all these programs are interconnected, in the sense, the marine engineer is mainly [...]

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Master’s in Petroleum Engineering Abroad

Master's in Petroleum Engineering Abroad or Geosystem Engineering Masters in Petroleum engineering abroad is concerned with production of hydrocarbons, which can either be crud oil or natural gas. Their main job is exploration and production of oil and natural gas , where, the exploration is done by the scientists , and the petroleum engineers focus [...]

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How to choose Which Country to Study abroad?

How to choose Which Country to Study abroad? Are you in the 7th semester, wondering whether you intend sitting for the campus recruitment or continue your higher education. If education abroad is one of your primary options then, choosing the country of destination will be the biggest challenge. Selecting the right country is the first [...]

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Masters in Mechatronics and job opportunities

Masters in Mechatronics and job opportunities There is a sudden increase in the demand for mechatronics engineering in the under graduate level, Students are considering mechatronics as their most preferredĀ  course options for the under graduation mainly because mechtronics is a combination of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering.   Originally, as the name clearly [...]

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