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Change of course from Under graduation to Masters

Change of course from Under graduation to Masters Often I have students approaching me with an idea to do masters in a different stream other than what they did in their under graduation. It’s absolutely not an issue in changing the discipline, provided, the applicant shows or demonstrates that they have the interest and the [...]

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Masters in Power engineering or power system engineering

Do Masters in Power  engineering or power system engineering Power  engineering or power system engineering , is a sub field of energy engineering where the main area of study will be about the generation of energy, transmission of energy , distributing the energy and utilizing the electric power and also the study of the devises that [...]

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Where to study automotive and auto-mobile engineering

Where to study automotive and auto-mobile engineering? Before we start on researching where to study masters in automotive engineering or automobile engineering, we should know the difference between these two areas of study., Masters in automotive engineering is the study of motor vehicles, and can also be considered as a branch of the Mechanical engineering, where as [...]

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public universities in singapore

Public universities in Singapore Singapore has 6 public universities, NUS, national University of Singapore, NTU, Nanyang technological university, SMU, Singapore management university, Singapore university of technology and design , Singapore institute of technology and SIM university The NUS and the NTU are world ranking universities, offering programs, both in undergraduate , masters and research level, [...]

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Why is Letter of recommendation important

Why is Letter of recommendation important?   Though grades, test scores and statement of purpose are important parts in determining the quality of a graduate’s student academic performance, the letter of recommendation is one which speaks about a student from the personality point of view. This is what gives the graduate admission committee an aide [...]

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MBA in France

MBA in France is drawing a lot of international attention than ever before, the trend seems to be positive and this will continue in the following years too. Other than UK and the USA, France has the,  maximum number of internationally accredited programs, the high  light being , almost 10 Business school in France are [...]

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Admission procedure for Study in Germany

Admission procedure for Study in Germany If you have plans of doing your higher education in Germany, then It is definitely a brilliant,   since the universities in Germany are renowned for their excellence in education and research, especially in machinery, tools and equipments. Since most of the universities in Germany are government funded, the universities do not [...]

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How to write SOP

How To Write SOP? To begin with, the statement of purpose is also called a application essay, personal statement, objectives to graduate study, whatever it is called, the meaning remains the same, writing about yourself to impress the graduate admission committee. How best to impress someone with just a one page document ?, could be [...]

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  MBA in UK The masters in business administration, or MBA, actually originated in the USA in the 19th century, This was adopted my most of the countries in the world, offering course work consisting of areas like accounting, marketing and finance. Nowadays, many business schools have also introduced other areas of specialization like hospitality [...]

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Other than academics, why is Germany the best place

From the students point of view, Germany has the best , be it either academically or professionally. Apart from the numerous outstanding institutes, the German degree is highly respected by employers worldwide. The number of courses offered in English has increased, giving opportunities for more international students to enroll in German Universites.apart form that, the [...]

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