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Why Study in MALAYSIA: The Only Education You Need

What would it mean to have an Malaysian university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the Malaysia?

Among the innumerable options available to students in the choice of destination and universities, Malaysia could also be considered as one of the best options for international students who are expecting a world class education in a safe and peaceful environment.

The language of instruction is English and the cost of education is much cheaper when compared even to its neighboring country Singapore. There are hundreds of universities and colleges, most of them are centered in the capital city of kaulalumpur. The courses offered are in plenty , catering to the interest of the students and also for the growing economy of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a mixture of culture and traditions, with almost 60% of the country is occupied by the Malays, almost 30 % by the Chinese and around 8% by the Indians. Located in a tropical climate , Malaysia not only has a breath taking beautiful environment , but also a city of modern sky scrapers.

The standard of education in Malaysia is well maintained by the Malaysian education ministers through their constant quality checks, and , an under grad degree from Malaysia is easily accepted in any university in the world for higher studies. Apart from Malaysia being an multicultural, multilingual environment, English is spoken widely and the language of instruction is also English.

The Malaysian education system has a primary education, starting at age 6 or 7, for 6 yrs , up to age 12. Then the middle school education  is for 3 yrs up-to age 15, then the secondary school education for 2 yrs  up to age 17.Then the student take up the bachelors, masters and then the PhD. The under graduation programs can be Malaysian programs or foreign degree programs form  countries like Canada, USA, UK and Australia, continued by the masters degree.

Universities in MALAYSIA

Though the Malaysian education, when compared to UK or USA , is not in the same level, it is a strong contender, since huge amount of money is being invested in higher education in Malaysia. Though the University of Nottingham UK and the university of Monash ,  Australia are the two popular foreign university having their campus in Malaysia, the Malaysian government is investing a large amount of money to built the education city where top universities like University of Southampton, University of reading etc will soon have their campuses in Malaysia.

There are public and private schools in Malaysia, the public schools are funded by the government , University Malaya ( Um ) in kaulalumpur, which is the oldest university in Malaysia and then the northern university of Malaysia, university of Malaysia perils, university of Malaysia sabah to name a few.

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    The universities in Malaysia are either  public or private, as well as many foreign universities having their campus in Malaysia. The public universities  are funded by the government, where as the private schools were established only form the year 1996 , and they are funded by various organizations. Whether public , private or international university, the over all quality of the Malaysian education is the responsibility of the MOHE, the Malaysian qualification agency. The duration of the masters are for 2 yrs , but for some programs it could be between 1 to 3 yrs also.  Malaysia has two intakes , one in January and the other one in June, and their admission requirements and application process vary from university to university.

     A few programs which the university offers are, masters in Nursing, Masters in project management, Masters in HR, master sin engineering and environmental sciences to name a few.

    One of the best university in Malaysia for international students to do engineering studies is University Technology Malaysia, it offers various programs like the  M Eng in Gas, M Eng in petroleum, Msc  gas engineering and management, M Eng in Bio-medical engineering, Msc in transport planning , Msc in urban and regional planning to name a few.

    The petroleum and natural gas programs are in great demand in Malaysia, and offered in universities like the university Teknologi Petronas , University Teknologi  mara  and University Teknology Malaysia to name a few. These universities specialize in programs related extracting, processing and refining of crude oil , and also transportation  and storage .

    The computer science and its specializations are also offered in many universities in Malaysia which are world renowned. To name a few, the university of Putra Malaysia, offers programs in all areas of computer and IT, like the software, multimedia, networking, Artificial intelligence etc. University of Malaysia Sarawak offers 11 streams in computer science programs like text and data mining,patial analysis, modeling for GIS to name a few. If considering to do a master’s program in computer science, the options are limitless,

     The private universities in Malaysia like the Curtin Sarawak college, monash university Malaysia, University of Nottingham UK

    • Universities in Malaysia are either public or private, as well as many foreign universities having their campus in Malaysia.
    • The duration of the masters are for 2 yrs , but for some programs it could be between 1 to 3 yrs also
    • Malaysia has two intakes , one in jan and the other one in Ju