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Scholarships in USA

Though the cost of education in the US is high , there are many scholarships or fee waivers offered by the universities. The scholarship is based mostly on the academic profile of the student. In case of the under graduate scholarship, the SAT scores and the 12th grade percentage will be the deciding factor. Apart from this, students who excel in sports , or have taken part in national or international level sports competitions also are considered for a scholarship.

In the masters level, an applicant with a high GRE score or a high percentage in the under grad is given a fee waiver. This waiver will vary from university to university or even form course to course. Generally, the percentage of scholarship is decided by the faculty of the particular department. In case of the MBA, the GMAT score and the work experience is the deciding factor.

The international students can reduce their living expenses by working part time in the campus , since they are allowed to work 20 hrs per week , or, 40 hrs during summer time, and they can make up to 9 to 15 $ per hour. This would, to certain extend help them to cover a few personal expenses.

Not only this, the international students are also entitled for a TA, or a RA, the teaching assistantship offered by the professors for students who tutor the under graduates in their course work and get paid for the services. The research assistantship is  given to students who assist their professor in the laboratories and get paid for the same.. As mentioned earlier, all these financial assistances will not cover the entire tuition fees or living expenses.

Most USA institutions have a career services department staffed with professionals focused on helping students with their résumé, teaching job interview skills, and helping them find job opportunities.

Scholarships in CANADA

The amount of funding kept aside for international students in Canada is much lower than what is available in the US. But still, Canada offers a few scholarship for students, both in the under graduate and masters level.

The York university in Canada , offers scholarship to students who excel academically, up to 60,000$ to 100,000$ for 4 yrs duration. Similarly University of British Columbia and Carleton university offers student scholarship worth 4000$ to 16000$ for students who’s percentage is above 80 in 12th grade.

For graduate students in the university of Manitoba offers merit based awards to students up to 18000$ for PhD  level and up to 14000$ for masters level annually.

In the university of waterloo, students taking up research based masters or PhD will receive awards up to $1800 per term for 2 yrs , and 3600$ per term for PhD

Scholarships in UK

The UK government provides a large number of scholarships for students who are planning to study in UK. The scholarship is mainly for students who excel academically

To name a few,

The common wealth scholarship offered by the UK department of international