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Why Study in AUSTRALIA: The Only Education You Need

What would it mean to have an Australian university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the Australia?

Australia is considered as the 3rd largest country for international students other than UK and the USA, and the 9th best country to study which is ahead of Germany and Netherlands. The universities in Australia come under the top 50 in the world, in areas like engineering and technology, life sciences, physical sciences and clinical courses. Australia has the best 5 cities in the world for students who are looking at affordable education, best quality of life and employment opportunities. Australia offers innumerable number of programs  I various areas of study like the life and agricultural sciences, medical related programs, natural sciences etc, and students will be able to find universities on any area of specialization among the courses offered

The education in Australia is globally recognized, certificate from  an Australian university is accepted world wide. The learning environment in Australia is multicultural, and the success of the Australian education is due to the combination of the teamwork, shared learning, and industry focus. It is also known for its research and development,  since CSIRO, common wealth scientific research organization , which is the biggest research and development agency in Australia, being involved in almost 750 research activities in various field like agribuisness,IT, mining and minerals, space, environmental and natural resources

A few facts about Australia

Almost 57% of Australia are with people from other countries, with English as their main spoken language apart form Madrid, Italian, Japanese and Greek, with more than 260 languages spoken across Australia.

The biggest Island nation with more than national  500 parks, 2700 conservation areas, and 17 heritages sites like the  Great Bareer reef, Kakadu national park, opera house etc

Its also considered a s a beautiful country with long beaches, with world class infrastructure

6th biggest country in the world

Ranked as the fourth happiest country in the world behind only Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Incredible Education System

Like any other country, the primary education starts form age 5, at the 1st grade and goes up to age age 12 , in the 7th grade. The high school starts at age 12 or 13, and are required to stay in school in class 10 to receive the junior high school certificate. The year 11 and 12 are optional if students wants to pursue the vocational courses to look for a job, or take up programs to pave the way for a career oriented study.for eg, if the student is planning for an engineering based under graduation will have to take up courses in physics and mathematics instead of history .

The vocational courses lead the students to a different level of study, this will eventually be used for a job experience and can also be converted to a degree by transfer of credits for the diploma or certificate courses, professional work ex may also be considered to continue education.

Australia is known for its group 8 universities, The group 8 universities are a coalition of leading Australian universities which are renowned for their research and facilities. As in the IV leagues in the USA, group 8 in Australia are known for its prestige  and popularity and all the 8 universities are placed in 8 largest Australian cities.

Australian national university

Monash University

University of Adelaide

University of Melbourne

University of New south wales

The University of Queensland

University of Sydney

University of western Australia

According to world rankings of the universities, Australia has 15 universities in the top 100 world ranking universities. Mainly because, the Australian education has proven track record of its excellence, global reputation and student satisfaction.

The times higher education, one of the world ranking organizations, has ranked the following universities in Australia according to their subject areas. The ranking was done from the responses taken from over 10,000 students from 142 countries, as in, they were able to nominate 10 countries in various fields as noteworthy

In engineering and technology, the best universities were University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and  University of Queensland.In arts and humanity, the best universities were, National university of Australia, University if Sydney and university of Melbourne. In life sciences, the best universities were University of Melbourne, university of Queensland and national university of Australia

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