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Why Study in CANADA: The Only Education You Need

What would it mean to have an Canadian university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the Canada?

Every year thousands of student make Canada their destination for higher education. The universities in Canada are known for its quality and reputation, and at the same time competitive. The Canadian government spends a lot of money every year for their education systems when compared to other countries.

A diploma or masters in Canada is highly recognized all over the world, the main reason being the rigorous quality check done by the government to maintain its standards. The students who come to Canada has a wide variety of programs to choose, from the 90 universities and 175 colleges. Apart from this, the country is considered as world leaders in the field of computers and information technologies, and excels in the field of telecommunication, aerospace, urban transports, hydroelectric and nuclear power, lasers –electronics, food and beverages, biotechnology etc.

The UNO, has ranked Canada as one of the best countries to live in , mainly because of its stable and peaceful society. Apart from that ,  Canada is also known for its high life expectancy due to its universal health care systems, a country with lowest crime and violence rates. The 3 largest cities in Canada being Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are considered as the best cities to live in , for their cleanliness and life style.

Canada is a bilingual country, where English and French language is spoken all over the country and is also an integral part of the Canadian education system. Canada, due to its scenic beauty attracts large number of people as tourist and students every year, its beauty, peace and vibrant atmosphere makes it a perfect destination for any one.

Incredible Education System

  • There is no central federal education system in Canada, the norms and systems are controlled by the provinces and territories where the Canadian universities are situated. Public education is free in Canada up to secondary school, for Canadians in all provinces.
  • Each province reflects its explicit regional heritage as there is a significant difference between the education systems of the different provinces in Canada.
  • Unlike India, the secondary level education in Canada goes up to 13th grade, the maximum level does not go beyond 12th grade in other countries.


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    The number of universities in Canada which offers bachelors and masters is very low when compared to its neighboring country US. The total number of universities in Canada will not exceed more than 90. The higher education in Canada is the responsibility of the provinces and territories, and each of these provinces has their own policies and procedures. The basic academic structure is similar in all colleges and universities.

    The Canadian colleges offer the post graduate diploma , or post graduate certificate courses , where as the universities offer the masters degree. The diploma programs can be completed in 1 yr , and the masters are generally completed within 2 yrs.  Programs like PG diploma in data base application developer, event and media production, computer networking and technical support ,3D animation and office administration to name a few.

    Top Universities for MS

    1 University of Toronto Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing CANADA
    2 University of Waterloo Computer Science & Information Systems, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic CANADA
    3 University of British Columbia Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing CANADA
    4 McGill University Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing CANADA
    5 Université de Montréal Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Electrical & Electronic CANADA
    6 University of Alberta Chemical, Civil & Structural CANADA
    7 University of Calgary Chemical CANADA
    8 McMaster University Civil & Structural CANADA
    9 University of Guelph Electrical & Electronic CANADA
    10 Queen’s University Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing C