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Why Study in DUBAI: The Only Education You Need

What would it mean to have an Dubai university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from Dubai?

Dubai is one of the Arab emirates, of the United Arab Emirates, UAE, with a total of 7 countries under UAE. The other countries worth mentioning are Abu Dhabi, Ajman and sharjha

Incredible Education System

Dubai , though an Arab country, is highly cosmopolitan, and the education is comparatively cheaper due to the education policy of Dubai. The cost of education will be double in any other country compared to Dubai. Due to its fast growing economy, there are ample jo opportunities in Dubai in areas like infrastructure, trade and commerce

In Dubai, the number of nurseries are in plenty to care for the kids right from 18 months on-wards, the kinder garden schools in Dubai, teach mostly in English and are also taught maths, , music, Arabic and religion. Students join the kinder garden at the age of 5 or 6.The primary and the secondary level education is the mixture of all countries and their education system , sometimes , we even find the medium of instruction being French or German. The European and the American schools follow their own policies and procedures, over all, the school timings are form 8 to 12 in case of a primary school and longer in case of the secondary schools. Most schools in Dubai has a few compulsory subjects like the maths, social studies, religion and Arabic.

The universities which offer the bachelors and the masters are mostly foreign universities like UK and Australia, having their campus in Dubai

Dubai  has been rated as the global city and business hub, and considered as one of the bets cities to live in the middle east .The  education system in Dubai follows the Arab emirates, has a mixture of  education systems from various countries with 79 public schools and 145 private schools in all. The public school are traditional and their medium of instruction in Arabic with English as there second language , where as the private schools are totally taught in English.

There are a number of Indian schools, with CBSE syllabus and Pakistani schools following their curriculum. Apart from that the British primary education and the secondary level education is offered with a levels from Dubai British school, and Dubai gem private school etc. the American school of Dubai offers American curriculum

A few interesting facts about Dubai

  • Skyscrapers are built every day in Dubai, 15 to 25% of the worlds construction cranes are in Dubai
  • It’s the 5th safest city in the world
  • one of the best tourist destination in the world
  • Dubai has an indoor shy slope , producing almost 6000 tones of snow
  • 80% of the Dubai population is foreigners
  • No personal and income tax
  • Its also called the shopping capital of middle east and the Dubai mall is the 7th largest in the world

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    At the  masters level, the programs offered by various foreign universities , are for a 1 to 2 yrs duration.a few programs which are worth mentioning are supply chain management, quality management, HR, petroleum engineering etc.  Dubai is a top choice for many students who are looking at studying full time and also work part time for unlimited hours. A full time student in Dubai , in case of finding himself an employment, can convert his visa to full time work visa and study part time.

    Apart from that, the excellent cuisine, vibrant night life, and excellent job opportunities have made Dubai as their destination for higher studies. The students have plenty of academic options in various field like engineering, finance , economics, information technology and communication studies.

    Australian universities like Murdock university, Wollongong university etc have their campuses in Australia offering programs like masters in HR and masters in strategic management. Indian university of Bits Pilani offers program in ME in Microelectronics and ME in design engineering. The Manipal university in India offers masters in manufacturing engineering technology and masters in digital electronics and communication systems. SP jain has a campus in Dubai offering masters of Global Business. There are a few Islamic universities too offering programs both in Arabic and English, like the Hamdan Bin Mohammad smart University.


    There are not many universities in Dubai which offer masters in Engineering other than a few like the masters in aerospace engineering in DAE flight academy and DAE University,  offering  aerospace engineering, aviation management, aircraft maintenance and a few MBA programs like MBA in air transport management and MBA in aviation management etc.The Emirates Aviation University has a number of engineering based degrees like Msc in aerospace engineering, Msc in aviation safety etc apart from management courses in  aviation. The Herriot watt university in UK offers masters program in Petroleum engineering . Other than that , most of the programs are management  based in the masters level.

    The bachelors engineering programs in Dubai has plenty of courses like the bachelors in Mechanical engineering in Herriot watt university , UK and bachelors of engineering in Wollongong university Australia