STUDY IN GERMANY : Students Most Preferable Destination of All Time

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Why Study in GERMANY: The Only Education You Need

What would it mean to have an German university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the Germany?

Number of reasons can be cited as to why one should choose German as their study destination. The universities in Germany are renowned for their quality of education, beauty of their landscape and its busting cities with people from across the globe. It is the 3 rd most popular study destination in the world, with almost 12% of the students are international are from various countries. Not only is the country safe, it is also safe to travel across Europe, since Germany is surrounded by other countries, with cities like  Paris, Prague, Rome or Copenhagen. Mountains and beaches, medieval city centers and above all breath taking nature makes Germany a diverse country with many facets.

The universities are renowned for their excellence in education and research, especially in machine tools, motor vehicles and electrical products .Most of the universities in Germany are state funded and have been established in the 14th century , offering cost effective education since none of the state schools  charge their students any fees. Apart from this , German universities are also known for their internships offered by the industries, which could ultimately lead to a job opportunity .

Incredible Education System

The German Higher Education system is not centrally coordinated , as in some countries, but all the  16 Federal States has its own higher education laws. German universities are autonomous in terms of administration and management. The universities in Germany are categorized into Universities, Technical universities, Universities of applied sciences and  college of arts and music. The universities are mostly theoretical offering programs in bachelors, masters and research, mainly in courses like Education, Law, Medicine, Social & Cultural sciences, Business Management. The technical universities offer program only in engineering and science in their bachelors, masters and Research, the University of Applied Science Deals mostly with practical and industrial oriented studies. Many universities offer mainly the bachelors only. College of Arts offer courses in Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture and art education, architecture, stage design, ceramics, glass painting, restoration work, and art media, the admission to these colleges depends on their students ability to demonstrate their talents.

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    An opportunity to study in a country like Germany will not only expose you to a high quality international education, but also be among the world leaders in field like engineering and applied sciences. Whether a student want to study sciences or cultural history , or philosophy , Germany s no doubt the best option.

    The duration of the masters in Germany are 2 yrs, and  they can pass out with a MA , masters in arts or Msc , masters in sciences , they programs can be consecutive or non consecutive masters . The consecutive masters in the continuation of the bachelors degree, where as the non  consecutive masters are not related to what was studies in the bachelors , but to acquire knowledge and skills in another area of study. The professional masters are also offered in vocational subjects like the nursing education etc, which are more practical and career  oriented. To pass out with the masters , the students require 120 credit points, and the programs normally have a mixture of lectures, seminars and field work and group projects. If required by a particular program, you have to submit your thesis to a committee or audience

    Top Universities for MS

    1 Technische Universität München Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic, Aeronautical & Manufacturing GERMANY
    2 KIT, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic, Aeronautical & Manufacturing GERMANY
    3 Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic, Aeronautical & Manufacturing GERMANY
    4 Technische Universität Berlin Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical,Electrical & Electronic GERMANY
    5 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Computer Science & Information Systems GERMANY
    6 Technische Universität München Chemical, Electrical & Electronic, Aeronautical & Manufacturing GERMANY
    7 Technische Universität Dortmund<