STUDY IN IRELAND : Students Most Preferable Destination of All Time

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Why Study in IRELAND: The Only Education You Need

What would it mean to have an Ireland university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the Ireland?

Considering the number of options available for students in choosing the country for higher education, and if Ireland is  one of the choices, then it will definitely be the best decision you have taken. Higher studies in Ireland has its own unique advantages, since, Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world. In 2010, Ireland was rated as the most  friendliest country by “lonely planet “Apart from that, Ireland is ranked as the 12th most peaceful place on earth by “the global peace index”.

If planning to study in an European country,  Ireland would be the best choice, since, English is the official language in Ireland, and , more so, it’s the only English speaking country  , apart from UK , in the Euro zone.

Incredible Education System

The Irish education system is considered as one of the best in the word, due to its academic excellence and reputation for high standard of education. The Irish qualification is known and accepted worldwide and international students have a range of over 5000 programs , from 34 higher education institutes to choose form, apart from this , the universities offer an extensive choice of program from business , arts, science and technology and languages.

The irish education system ranks on top 20 globally and its universities are ranked top 5% worldwide. Ireland has a very young population, with almost 40% of the population below the age of 25, and to top it all Ireland has been a home to many inventions like the modern stethoscope, rubber sole shoes, a treatment for leprosy , the aircraft ejector and many more.

Education is compulsory in Ireland , up to the age of 15 and you can choose between a government funded school or a private one. The Irish education is made up of primary level, secondary, third level and further education. The primary level starts at the age of 5 , and subjects like mathematics, sciences, arts, music , drama , languages , physical training etc are dealt with. The secondary level has 3 yrs of junior cycle and 2 to 3 yrs of senior cycle. The junior cycle normally starts at the age of 12 , and , at the senior level, students take up the programs which lead them to a state level examination. The third level  offers the bachelors, masters and the doctorate programs.

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    Ireland offers  a wide variety of post graduate program  in international relations, for eg, peace and conflict studies, development studies, migration and diasporas studies, gender and ethnicity to name a few, providing a platform for  students to start their career in areas which influence the global agenda

    Students choosing universities only by the rankings granted by the various world raking leaders, should also understand that, some rankings focus on the research quality of the university, where as ,  some give importance to the teaching and infrastructure of the university. Prospective students should also take  in to account  factors like internship opportunities, location of the university  and other such details instead of relying only on the rankings of the university.

    In Ireland, the top schools are Trinity college Dublin, university college Dublin followed by national university of Ireland Galway, university college cork and Maynooth university. The programs I Ireland are grouped under various categories like masters on science, masters of engineering, masters of business studies etc.The master of science programs have almost 268 courses , for a 1 or a 2 yr duration. To name a few, Msc in taxation, in University of Limerick, Msc in applied sciences, in soft ware and systems for mobile network, in university college cork etc.

    The masters in engineering, M Eng , has around 15 programs under it, since , there are numerous specializations under engineering, it is further grouped as master of science in engineering  ( Msc ) and masters in business engineering, a combination of engineering and business studies. M Eng  in embedded system engineering in  cork institute of technology , M Eng VLSI systems in university of Limerick to name a few.

    The masters program is awarded when a student completed 30 credit points per semester, totally upto 120 credit points in case of a 2 yr program.

    A few unique program which needs mentioning are , masters in development practice in trinity college Dublin, a program on health , natural, social and  management sciences. M  Phil in international peace studies, in trinity college Dublin,  is a program  on war and armed conflicts , and details on preventing and resolving them

    Top Universities for MS

    1 University of Cambridge Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic, Aeronautical & Manufacturing UK
    2 University of Oxford Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic, Aeronautical & Manufacturing UK
    3 University of Edinburgh Computer Science & Information Systems UK
    4 Imperial College London Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic UK
    5 UCL (University College London) Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic UK
    6 The University of Manchester