STUDY IN NEW ZEALAND : Students Most Preferable Destination of All Time

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Why Study in New Zealand : The Only Education You Need

What would it mean to have an New Zealand university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the New Zealand?

If you are wondering if New Zealand is the right place for you to study, then, Yes, because , there are so many reasons why you have made the right decision.

Even though there are only 8 universities altogether in Ireland, they offer a wide range of courses, right form arts to business to science, and each have a distinct profile. All the  8 universities are spread all over New Zealand  , right from the northern till the southern end. The education in New Zealand is based on the British model of education, with research oriented universities, and a degree form a New Zealand university is welcome by the employers for employment opportunities in UK. New Zealand also has a moderate admission requirement and international students from all over the world find new  Zealand as one of the best destination not only because of its cultural diversity but also because of its vibrant and serene surroundings.

Incredible Education System

The education system in New Zealand  are in levels,

Levels Qualiification Types
10 Doctorate
9 masters
8 post grad diploma, certificates, bachelors honors
7 bachelors degree , grad diploma , certificates
6,5 Diplomas
4,3,2,1 Certificates


Each level mentioned above have its own purpose, credit requirements and outcomes. Each qualification type has its own set of criteria and each level has its own complexities, with level 1 , as the name denotes, is the least complex and the level 10 is the most complexed.,

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    MS IN NewZealand

    MS in New Zealand

    There are 8 popular universities in New Zealand , for both domestic and international students , .the course duration in the post graduate level is 1 to 2 yrs , which can be done part time too. as in any other country, the masters degree is divided into course work and research work programs, the 1st of study is mainly class work , and lectures, and the second year of study will mostly be research and completion of thesis. A few post grad program worth mentioning are chemical and process engineering, computer securities and forensic,  engineering mathematics, mechatronics, microbiology etc. the masters degree fall under the level 9 in the education system.

    Engineering in New Zealand

    Engineers focus on design of a product, research and development of a product, manufacturing and service, and engineers are always in demand all over the world. New Zealand universities offer a wide variety of engineering programs with specializations

    The university of Auckland, one of the best universities in New Zealand , offer wide range of programs like masters in engineering management, masters in energy, masters in food safety, masters in urban planning, masters in Architecture  to name a few. Most of their post graduate certificate courses and diplomas offer science related programs like clinical psychology, operational research , health psychology, public health etc.

    The Aukland university of Technology, has masters in construction management, masters in applied finance, masters in computer and information sciences, master sin engineering management,to name a few

    All other universities like the massey university, university of Canterbury and Lincoln university , university of Otago and  university Waikato are worth considering for any program related to masters degree.

    Top Universities for MS

    1 The University of Auckland Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemical, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Electronic, Aeronautical & Manufacturing NEWZEALAND
    2 University of Otago Computer Science & Information Systems NEWZEALAND
    3 University of Waikato Computer Science & Information Systems NEWZEALAND
    4 University of Canterbury Computer Science & Information Systems, Aeronautical & Manufacturing NEWZEALAND