STUDY IN UK : Students Most Preferable Destination of All Time

UK announces 2-year post-study work visa for international students

With over 300+ Students and counting for 2020 intake, ForEd Overseas is the most complete and trusted Overseas Education Consultant in the industry.

Why Study in UK: The Only Education You Need

What would it mean to have an UK university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the UK?

Education in UK dates back to hundreds of years, being one of the oldest countries to offer excellent, high quality education. The universities in UK are known for its academic excellence and it is accepted and recognized all over the world. UK has become the most popular destinations among the international students apart from USA, mainly because of the hundreds of universities to choose form with excellent course work.

The United Kingdom (termed as UK) comprises of the England, Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland. The British Empire was once the world most powerful force which controlled countries like India, Canada , south America etc for hundreds of years. The days of colonialism is over, but still the influence of the UK education system and life styles do exist in many of the colonized countries. The united kingdom is still a prominent and supreme country and the economy of UK is the fifth largest in the world and second largest in Europe.

Incredible Education System

The education system in UK is more or less like the Indian education system , where the primary school or the grade 1 starts at the age of 5,and continues till age 11, then the secondary school, where the study till age 16.The students in UK has to complete the  primary and the secondary school  education, which is s mandatory in UK, and the student can choose to study further beyond that. Beyond the secondary stage , the student needs to take up the A level , in order to pursue the university education.

The university education  further deals with the bachelors degree and then the masters which will further lead to a doctorate degree. Almost one third of the younger generation in UK take up the university degree and almost 50% of the student population in Scotland takes up higher education.

The UK universities rank consistently on top in the list of world ranking universities and almost 5 % of the scientific researches in the world are form UK .UK offers specialized programs of study, both at the bachelor and masters levels which is tailored made to suit the interest of students.

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    The post graduation studies in UK, either the masters or the doctorate programs, there are hundreds of universities to cho